Address 1. Jalan Matraman No.15, Jakarta Timur Open. Sun-Sat: 11am-12pm
Address 2. Jalan Kemang Utara No.15, Jakarta Selatan Open. Sun-Sat: 11am-12pm
Address 3. B-G-01 Jalan 3/31 Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Open. Sun-Sat: 11am-12pm

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Main Course

Ausal Lahm & Khobus_2 smallAusal Lahm & Khobus_2 small

Ausal Lahm

Chopped of lamb meat, fresh tomatoes, onions and green pepper fried together with traditional middle eastern spices


Madghut Dajaj

Combination of chicken meat, fresh vegetables and rice cooked together with traditional middle east spices


Madghut Lahm

Combination of lamb, fresh vegetables and rice cooked together with traditional middle east spices

Mandhi Baryani Saddah

A special kind of traditional middle east rice (plain)


Mandhi Dajaj

A recommended of traditional middle east rice, served with chicken

Mashawi MushakalMashawi Mushakal

Mashawi Mushakal

Combination of Ausal & Kebab


Mandhi Lahm

Main Course – Mandhi Lahm

Maglubah LahmMaglubah Lahm

Maglubah Lahm

Main Course – Maglubah Lahm